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Be nice.

Being nice is a simple gesture that everyone is capable of.

You can be nice with physical acts, kind words or simply a smile.

Side Note:

I suffer from resting bitch face, so to an onlooker, my face probably doesn’t look very nice, however, I put that down to the technicality of thinking. (More on that another time).

Anyway, we now live in a world where culture has become urgent, rushed, and everything is almost instant.

People are glued to pocket sized screens rather than present moments.

Everyone is busy and even though no one intends to be nasty, I think niceness has unintentionally faded and selfishness has advanced.

Ironically it could be argued that the above circumstances have caused people to suffer more with anxiety, depression and personal battles of unfulfillment while relentlessly status signalling in an attempt to achieve approval from others.

This is a prime example of where the act of being nice would be appropriate.

So I will complete this post with the 11 simple words that prompted me to write on the topic of being nice: