Create a brand connection that adds value

On Tuesday I received a package in the post.

It was one of those deliveries you get and you don’t know what it is or when it was ordered.

It was wrapped in brown paper and I was instantly drawn in by the hand writing on the back. It was posh and looked as though it had been written with a fountain pen. It read… ‘From Feasts & Fables’

Now, I had completely forgotten that the week prior to this, I had ordered some note books from Feasts & Fables.

I saw that they were selling a limited run of F&F branded note books, and I really liked the look of them, so I decided to purchase a set.

Before I continue, I would like to give a little brand back-story:

Based in West Wales, Mr. & Mrs. Fables (as they go by on Twitter), used to own a Delicatessen where they spent 4 and a half years building community and celebrating the finest of tastes. They closed the deli back in January to begin their ‘gap life’, traveling the world in their van. 

They send out a great little newsletter that arrives in my inbox every Sunday evening with the subject line: A newsletter for curious minds.

The reason I’ve given this back story is because Feasts & Fables do work worth sharing.

They do everything that is important in creating an empathetic human connection with their brand’s audience.

So, as expected, inside the package were 3 notebooks, however there was also an additional branded card, with a personal note written on one side.

The note read:


We really appreciate your interest in our notebooks. Your Twitter feed is full of interesting and useful ideas so we are 100% certain they will be filled in no time at all.

Thanks so much for your positivity and encouragement.

from Feasts & Fables

This was a very nice addition to the delivery, and was more than your usual compliment slip.

They’d paid attention to the small details, and because of this, a positive emotion was created when the package was opened.

The written note added the additional value to the purchase, which meant, that even though I was happy with my new notebooks, the experience of receiving them had that little extra ‘something’ that made it more special.

From a brands perspective, all of the above ensured that the customer’s purchase was always worth the money spent on it.

Value in this post:

A brand should always make decisions based on the foundations that people connect with people.

The small details matter, and for the consumer, these details are what add value to the experiences they share with said brand.