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Death or Glory

I’ve noticed that there has unintentionally been the multiple use of the term ‘Death or Glory’ within the imagery of this website.

This is’t because I strive for death or glory.

The reason behind this term being in my life at all is because of my tadcu (grandfather in Welsh).

When i was younger, he gave me a badge that belonged to his uncle; Lemuel Thomas Rees, who served in World War 1 (Battle of Passchendaele).

It’s a skull and cross bones with the words ‘Death or Glory’ written underneath it. I still have this badge today, it’s one of my most prized possessions.

Interesting fact 1:
That same uncle who the badge belonged to also had his life saved by a small bible that he kept in his chest pocket. He took the brunt of the force of an exploding German shell that landed in the trench along side him. Shrapnel hit him in the chest and took a huge chunk out of the bible, which, (even though seriously injured) saved his life.

Interesting fact 2:
A picture of that bible was then used on a Royal Mail stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War 1.

Value in this post:
Whether you’re religious or not, faith is a nice thing to have.

I won’t finish this passage claiming that god saved his life, however under the circumstances of WW1 and being only 21 years old, my grandfather’s uncle would have probably felt a great support from the faith he had. The Bible that saved his life would have probably emphasised that faith too.

Always remember the importance of faith, and how it’s a beautiful concept that can turn shitty situations into better ones.