Did you do your bad writing?

This is my bad writing.

(Not that it’s usually good), but this is my bad writing, published regularly.

I aim to write this ‘bad writing‘ as often as possible in the hope that good writing will appear in the form of an occasional article.

Think of it as a diamond in the rough if you will.

Anyway, I had an epiphany on the weekend. I realised that I like to work with goals in mind.

“Siôn, the launch is next Wednesday, can you get the design work done by then?” – Yup, no problem.

“Siôn, you’ve got a fight coming up in 6 weeks time…” – Happy days, I’ll be ready.

“Siôn, get this done now so you can watch the football with a beer tonight.” – I’ll get it done now.

I make it my mission to achieve these goals while often delivering results.

So when it came to setting the goal of writing every day for 30 days, (apart from the occasional hiccup) I got it done.

But then my writing started to decline.

1 day would turn into 2 days, and then suddenly, I hadn’t updated the blog in a week. Why? Because the initial goal was complete.

I’d achieved 30 days… and that, is the reason for my recent decline.

So I’m switching things up. Implementing systems into the day to make these tasks more achievable.

Implementing systems is difficult at first, but once refined enough to work, they become part of your habits quite quickly.

Value in this post:

Build systems rather than setting goals. Systems flow better.

Part 2:

The power of creating and sharing:

This happened yesterday.

It’s a perfect example of creating and sharing while not hiding behind quality as an excuse for perfectionism.

The beauty of this is there’s no where to hide.

That broadcast provided the opportunity to see in real time how people were reacting to the music I made.

Luckily for my over sensitive personality, it went down well, causing one person to dance in their pants.

Value in part 2 of the post:

Create. Share. Don’t seek to be perfect because you’ll never reach the sharing stage.