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Does anybody actually care?

Personally I find myself in a conflicting battle with social media. I understand the power and influence it has when used as a connecting network within business but other than that, does anybody actually care?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the development of platforms have started to contribute negatively to culture.

For example, let’s talk about Intagram.

What was once a simple picture platform has rapidly become Selfies , Stories and Status. The 3 S’s of doom. They’re a standard part of life, but when you take a step back and analyse the concepts behind these peculiar behaviours, it’s all actually quite ridiculous.

As well as having genuine connections with close friends and family, there’s also copious amounts of disingenuous engagement. We follow people we wouldn’t actually stop and speak to if we passed them in the street and we subconsciously compare ourselves to the tiny glimpse of “real life” that is shared to us by celebrities.

The development has happened at the detriment of digital and physical connections.

I hope the value of this post comes in the form of an altered view of what we’re all actually doing when it comes to social media.

As I’ve said in previous posts, nothing I’ve written here hasn’t been said before, however I hope these words provide you with a refreshed perspective.

Consequently, I’ll finish this post with the following…