Feeling Blue

A week or so a go, I got inspired.

Sometimes when I get inspired, I just have to create, it’s the artist in me.

Unfortunately, I’m not a good enough artist to make loads of money doing just art like real artists, so instead, I do it for free, for me, because I enjoy it. (Kind of like this blog).

So (back to my story), it was a Friday evening, I was having a couple of beers at my desk and I decided to put a mix on: (This one)

17 seconds into this mix I thought, “I love this sound”.

It was the bass. It was a soothing and mellow sound that made me picture late afternoon / early evening on a sunny beach. Nothing too clubby.

It made my beer taste a little bit nicer too.

After that I wanted to make a song, with a similar kind of vibe, so I did.

It’s called ‘Feeling Blue’ and it’s now on Spotify:

Value in this post:

When you get inspired, use it as fuel.

My song is no where near as good as the song that originally inspired me, but I really enjoyed making it. In my eyes, that’s time well spent.

Many people will feel inspired, but they’ll do nothing with it. In my eyes, that’s time wasted.