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Invest in yourself.

Invest in yourself to build character.

We’re constantly evolving, but the harsh truth is, the quality of our evolution lays solely on our own decisions and the self initiated lessons we learn from our mistakes.

No one is perfect, and everyone will make mistakes, after all, we’re just a global population of complicated apes.

Chimpanzees have exhibited as many as 39 learned behaviours, we as humans are privileged enough to have the ability to learn extensive amounts of bettering behaviours each day.

Doing this isn’t easy, and it isn’t painless, but if you think about it, bettering yourself will mean you’re bettering your surrounding which has a knock on effect to your contribution to culture.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, you didn’t know then, what you know now.

Post value:
Life is short and time is valuable, so acknowledge your flaws and learn from them. Be nice, be better and remember that the acknowledgement of the lessons you come across in life is a victory in itself.