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Invisibility is a superpower.

Invisibility is a superpower. Banksy said it. I read it online. Ivonne Aldaz (the lady who interviewed me for the future of marketing), she shared it. I saw it, I loved it, I stole it.

Anyway, it hit me like a tonne of bricks. Invisibility is a super power.

I thought about it for days after I read it. When I was driving. When I was showering. When I was sitting down doing nothing. It was what I’ve been trying to say / trying to understand over the past few weeks. I couldn’t quite get it right though.

I did boring blog posts about how my complex mind had processed the whole social media culture situation, and it just wasn’t as impactful. Then the invisible man himself said it. His words were art.

Other things worth noting in this post:

I’ve stopped drinking.

Not forever – or at least I don’t think forever, but for now, I’m not drinking.

I like drinking, I like the taste of it. I like the social aspect with my friends, however I don’t like the aftermath. I don’t like how easily I will eat anything and everything in my sight after I’ve had a few.

It was the common denominator in the hindrance of my weight loss and fitness progress.

It was also bringing my mood to extremely low levels, which is something no one needs in the world we live in today. So I’ve stopped – for now.

I’m cutting down on TV.

I get a lot of inspiration from TV, but just like a packet of chocolate biscuits when I’m drunk, I will binge.

I’ll get so into a new TV show that I will stay up late binging on it until I finish it.

It’s taking up valuable time that could have been done doing something more productive.

I’m sleeping more.

This is a knock on effect of the previous change. TV was hindering my sleep.

I live a busy lifestyle, juggling my health, a house renovation, my relationship, and my little family, and not sleeping was slowing me down.

I’m now going to bed at 9:30PM each night. No excuses. My alarm is set for 5:20AM, I got to the gym by 5:45AM and the set up to the day is much better.

Life is better when you get more sleep. Don’t underestimate the power of recharging your mind.

I’m doing the Do Lectures.

Well I’m NOT doing the Do Lectures at all. I’m watching them online… But do-ing the Do Lectures would be the dream.

To be recognised for my thoughts and asked to give insight amongst such inspirational individuals would be so exciting.

What David Hieatt has done is truly inspirational, and it was him and Seth Godin that inspired me to start writing this blog.

I’ve found that if I ever find myself in a little bit of a low mood or that I need some encouragement, I just switch on a talk and 20 minutes later I feel inspired and ready to take on the world.

It does what it says on the pack. It truly is the encouragement network. If you haven’t seen any of the talks, I highly recommend them:

Watch here.

Anyway, time is running out. I’m meant to be in bed within the next 5 minutes.

Peace out. Stay nice. Stay happy, Stay encouraged. Stay invisible.