Is an independent Wales the right thing to do?

Today I have a lack of inspiration, but I will continue and write.

There’s currently a vast amount of politics flooding my Twitter feed. In all honesty, it’s noise to me. I probably shouldn’t admit it, but it is.

Apart from the whole Trump thing in America, we’ve got people seeking an independent Wales over here.

To be perfectly honest it’s what Plaid Cymru have been trying to do all along, but suddenly it seems there’s a demand for Wales to be independent.

Now, (and this is a very important ‘now’)… Before I continue, I must state that I’m not educated enough in this topic to make a decision or have a proper opinion, but here I am, typing away on my keyboard anyway.


You know what really grinds my gears? So called Welsh patriots that don’t speak the Welsh language.

It’s the most obvious thing you’d do as a patriot, yet there are so many who don’t. I just don’t quite get it. They spout about the pride they have for their country, yet it’s clear to see that the pride isn’t strong enough to motivate them to go to Welsh classes and learn the language of our land.

Why’s your blog in English then Siôn?

Oherwydd fy mod i’n gallu siarad Cymraeg yn barod. Hyd yn oed os taw Saesneg yw’r iaith mwy poblogaidd, pryd mae’n berwi-lawr iddi, dwi’n siarad iaith ein wlad, a mewn gwirionedd, dyna’r cyfan sy’n bwysig. Felly, byddaf yn parhau i rantio, a does dim byd gallwch chi ei wneud amdano fe.

Value in this post:

My mother was born in England. Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire to be precise, and she can speak Welsh. As an adult she went to classes to learn the language when I was very young. I hold a lot of pride in knowing that she did that. I actually remember her taking me to some of them because she didn’t have a baby sitter.

So the value of this post comes in the form of a question…

If you are really as patriotic as you say you are and you don’t speak the Welsh language, why don’t you? What’ stopping you from signing up to an evening class and learn the language of our land?

Disclaimer: This post is not aimed at Welsh people who can’t speak Welsh. Or non Welsh people who live in Wales and don’t speak Welsh. It’s more aimed at the super annoying over the top Welsh patriotic type people who don’t speak the Welsh language. There are many out there and I’ve come across so many in my time. It’s something I’ve never really understood. They feel strongly about our country, but they don’t speak welsh?