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Leverage your time to increase your productivity

I tweeted quite a bit this weekend. One tweet every 30 minutes to be precise. I know this because I scheduled them.

I spent an hour thinking of ideas (tweets), and I spent 10 minutes scheduling them for the weekend. This allowed me to be productive in other areas of my life (the house renovation) while I wasn’t in work.

This is the concept of leveraging your time to increase your productivity.

Busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive, so this weekend I made an example of this. A 60 minute sacrifice of focused thinking combined with 10 Minutes of planning (scheduling) – meant I remained productive without being busy.

This weekend was a good weekend and the productivity level remained high.

Value in this post:

Next time you find yourself ‘busy’ consider what short term sacrifices can be made in order to ease the burden of busy-ness and accomplish more productive results.

Remember, we all have a 24 hour window in each day, the better you manage this window of opportunity, the better your results will be.