Mental showers of meditation

When you live, you have to shower. It’s an unsaid social commitment you make to the people around you. More importantly it’s a hygiene commitment you make with yourself.

Culture has ingrained in us that everyone should shower as often and as necessary and possible. This is obvious. It’s something that we all know and do.

However, no one ever really tells us to shower our minds.

The only form of mental bathing we are told about is gift-wrapped and presented in the form of meditation, which comes with the visual stereotype of a mystic guru sat down with his legs crossed, chanting words in a language we don’t understand, surrounded by incense sticks and smoke.

Even though these stereotypes stem from grounded truths, in today’s world, meditation shouldn’t be sold like that.

If you have ever watched the TV show Billions, you’ll notice there’s often scenes where both Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades are sat down in a room on their own, in silence, with nothing but a phone timer. There’s nothing mystical, magical or really enlightening about this. They’re just bathing their minds with the simple technique of silence for a set amount of time dictated by their phone.

A shower cleans your body, while meditation will clean your mind. Both are equally important but we’d only really understand the importance of it if we had the ability to smell other people’s minds.

Value in this post:

Problems are real, but they begin existence in our minds. Think of anxiety and stress as body odour.

If life or work get’s to the point where you begin to feel any inklings of these things, improve your day (and your life) by making the time to wash them from your mind.

A 20 – 30 minute (minimum) silence break. No TV, no music, no notification. Just a seat, a timer and closed eyes.

Your ability to evaluate things will improve vastly and that tickle of stress you have inside will be scrubbed away by the shower gel of modern meditation, until you’re ready for your next mental shower.