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Today I listened to this song.

Now, be warned, this song will most probably mean nothing to you. However, to me it demonstrates real nostalgia.

Back in 2012 I started a passion project with my friend Henry.

We both loved house music, and had just finished university. We were young, creative and passionate. We started up a little website and app called TearingTrax.

We had guest mixes from big a handful of DJ’s that were established. We had PR agencies sending us info on up and coming producers. I even got a bedroom production track signed and released on Spotify. All from this passion project.

Anyway, the point of this post is, we built a brand that caught people’s attention.

However, our age and lack of experience in business meant we didn’t monetise the brand and capitalise on the attention we captured. It purely ran on passion, which without funding eventually gets drowned out with higher priority life commitments.


Had we been a little more experienced and approached the brand differently through using a business strategy maybe you’d be aware of TearingTrax and this song would provide you with the same nostalgia as it does to me.

Interesting fact:

Over the lock down me and Henry decided to produce a song together. It was like the TearingTrax era again. It was nice. We called it Red Stripe. It’s now on Spotify: