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One click holds such potential

I tweeted this today. I think it’s true. There’s such potential in one click.

If you have the system set up correctly, one click could send money directly from a consumers bank account, into yours.

Lauren’s little start-up project proved this on the weekend because the system was built correctly.

Photograph taken by Jordan Lewis

It was Saturday morning and she was having a cup of tea while sat in the living room (We like a cup of tea on the weekend). Anyway, mid sip she had an email notification letting her know that someone had purchased a candle.

One click had made her richer. (Granted the work to make the candles had happened previously), but the act of making the money came directly from a click.

No craft fairs, no pitching her products to stores at wholesale prices. Just one click = one sale.

On the other hand, one click could have canceled that purchase.

One click could have closed down her website. Once click could have stopped that whole transaction process.

A click holds the potential to be an extremely valuable operation. It also holds the status of being completely ineffective with potentially negative consequences.

The internet is a beautiful thing when used correctly.

You can see the candles I’m talking about in this post here.