Pseudonym’s within creativity.

Sick Boy was a design pseudonym I used to go by when I was younger (between the age of 14 – 21 years old).

I had it up until just after I graduated from university.

Actually, one time, when I was in uni, a lecturer ridiculed me in front of the class for using the name Sick Boy for a blog. Looking back, she made me feel very small in front of everyone, claiming that she thought it was unprofessional.

Anyway, Sick Boy, along with his hollow eyes, died a long time ago now.

The reason I started thinking about Sick Boy was because I keep thinking back to the Banksy quote I shared from a few posts back.

Having a now invisible personal life myself (other than this blog), I couldn’t help but think how it would be nice to anonymously share the art I create under a pseudonym like Banksy does.

The ultimate power of invisibility with the expression of creativity. Banksy’s been doing it right for so long.

Even though he probably is 3D (Robert Del Naja) from Massive Attack, there’s still no certainty. I really like that.

Value in this post:

Artists who put out their work anonymously for people to enjoy are contributing freely.

They create for the sake of creating and then they share it.

When you think about it, it’s a nice thing to do. It might not be everyone’s taste, but the people who do enjoy it, do. – So it’s a positive contribution.

Could there be a rebirth of Sick Boy? – No, I don’t think so. It wouldn’t be right.

Unless there was already a Sick Boy contributing art invisibly? But even then, who would know if it was the same Sick Boy from all those years ago?