The act of hesitation

Hesitation is the behaviour that happens between either doing the thing or not doing the thing.

It’s a complex scenario in reality.

The cause of hesitation usually comes from the understanding of risk, which should be considered with the decision of good or bad.

You hesitate to eat the chocolate in the cupboard.

The good = it will taste delicious
The bad = it’s an additional 300 Calories you don’t need.

The key to tackling hesitancy is with logical thinking… Or that old saying:

“Is the juice worth the squeeze?”

The Juice = that delicious taste
The squeeze = the additional 30 minutes in the gym to burn the extra calories

However, this isn’t a capable strategy with everything in life.

Often hesitation will cause you to miss opportunities that need you to act fast.

Value in this post.

To be honest, nothing that will help you with your hesitancy other than, be aware of it.

Sometimes you need it, some times you don’t but one thing is certain and that is:

  • You either eat it or you don’t.
  • You either take the chance, or you don’t.
  • You either start or you don’t.

Make the decision and sick to it, you’ll find yourself wasting less time without the behaviour of hesitating.