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The blurred lines of audience power and influence.

Yesterday I was added to a Twitter thread by someone with 5K followers.

I wasn’t aware this was going to happen, but when it did I saw myself gain a handful of new followers. Obviously my concepts resonated enough with these individuals to want to see more.

Anyway, it’s important to understand the following:

  • Balance of an audience
  • The power it can have
  • The conversion of sales this can make if you’re selling a product
  • How people will big up this use of social media when the metrics aren’t completely transparent.

For example, the tweet that was added to this thread had the following analytics:

Impressions: 3,269
Media Views: 764
Total Engagements: 143
Profile Clicks: 58
Media Engagements: 44
Detail expands: 28
Likes: 9
Retweets: 4

But in reality, I only gained 6 new followers on the System 540 twitter account and 7 new followers on my personal account, but only 7 new followers in total.

This demonstrates 2 things.

1 – There is a small power that comes from having an audience:

Out of that audience came 7 new followers.

Now, If I was selling an asset for £10 and the 7 new followers purchased it, I’d be £70 in profit just from 1 tweet by someone with an audience.

(However there’s no guarantee that the new followers would make the purchase).

2 – People take advantage of over-hyping the above power:

The person who added me to the thread had 5k followers.

The tweet he shared (of mine) only had 3k impressions.

Out of those 3k impressions I only gained 7 new followers. The numbers drop dramatically where they actually count, meaning the metrics aren’t as they might appear.

Value in this post:

Be mindful that an audience is powerful, but other strategies should be implemented within your social media advertising when working on your brand.

If you were to stick an A4 poster on your car window and drive down the M4, passing 10,000 cars, you still might only get 8,000 ‘impressions’ from that poster.

From those 8,000 impressions, you would probably get 0 interactions as you were driving too fast down the M4 for anyone to read the details of the poster.

Brand analytics are important.

Online advertising is not ‘making a post on social media’ the same as having an instagram account with a logo does not make you a CEO of a company.

Understand the balance between potential power and hype.