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The deactivation of physical connections

I recently studied some group dynamics on how in person conversations took shape between different parties. I was interested to see that all topics were based on what they had seen on each-others social media profiles.

The reason this idea came to mind goes back a year or so ago.

Like many, I used to have an instagram profile. The same as millions of others on the platform. Selfies with my partner, pics of my pets, food, the usual stuff.

Anyway, I decided to end that profile and create a design only one.

The online interaction I would get with certain individuals changed as the content I was sharing suddenly became things that they had no “interest” in.

This in itself was interesting, but if I told you that I’d picked up on it back then, I’d be lying.

Another thing I noticed which didn’t make sense until more recently is, I felt that certain people who I once felt I could speak to easily, seemed a little distant. Nothing negative, nothing mean, the conversations just seemed to lack a certain substance that once was there.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the foundations of the change in behaviour all lay in the content being shared – which, once considered, is a very sad thing.

It makes you wonder whether in-person connections would be genuine without a collection of content ammo stored by the other individual.

It’s a frightening thought that needs much more than a blog post to elaborate on.

Today I deactivated my instagram account.

I don’t think there’s any reason for me to share things about me on that platform anymore.

I’m starting to restructure my online presence. I do think a digital network is powerful, beautiful and necessary. I will have a place for my hobby of photography. I will have an archive of my achievements in combat sport. I will have a place for my designs. All separate though.

As for selfies, stories and seeking status, there doesn’t need to be any of that any more… Especially when that content is the only connection people feel they have with me in person.