The highs and lows of growth.

It seems I turn to writing when I’m at my lowest. That’s strange. Maybe as I feel I can communicate better with the words you can read over the words you have to listen to.

Thursday the 14th of December was a bitter sweet day. The morning started with blue scrubs, a flashing light and a blip on a screen. Like the Mike Skinner song. It was emotional but in the higher side of the vertical spectrum.

It ended with tears and a deep deep sorrow with a picture that is imprinted in my mind… right at the bottom of the virticle spectrum. But it will fade in time.

Time is the greatest healer. It also works as the greatest form of growth and the greatest form of deteriation. Two things you would claim were seperate and almost opposite. But then strangely are the same.

You can’t grow without deteriating. You can’t deteriate with growing in the first place. Some genius already labeled it the circle of life. Interesting.

Anyway it felt good to type again. That’s why I’ve decided to do another. Saturday morning. 08:42AM. 16th of December. No real value in these words. Just expressed thoughts. Creativity in word form.