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The post with a 2 day publish delay

I wrote this post 2 days ago, but I neglected to publish it.

Tonight I watched a program called The Stranger. Well, each episode is between 5 – 9 minutes long, so I watched about 8 of them.

Anyway, this show is so strange, while watching one of the episodes, an idea popped into my head.

The idea was that I should take small scenarios from all of my favourite films, compile them together and write a short story out of them to share on this blog.

Will I do this?

I don’t know, but it’s a little insight into how my mind works and how I get inspired while watching TV.

Value in this post:

I often see self improvement / business type people share things like ‘Watching TV is for losers.‘… and to an extent I agree.

Binge watching is bad. But when you find the balance of moderation, I think it can be a truly creative and inspiring way to spend your time.

Rules for productively watching TV:

Rule 1:
Your phone should be put away so you watch with your full attention. From beginning to end.

Rule 2:
If you must have something in your hand while watching TV, it should be a note pad and pen.