There’s no such things as perfection.

If you want to learn to box, you can read as many books and watch as many videos as you want, but until you climb into the ring and start trading blows with your opponent, you wont learn.

Even when you have “learned”, you then have to continue practicing, because there is no “completed” section of boxing.

This goes for all aspects in life. You will never be fully complete as there’s no such things as perfection.

Even though instagram filters and social media perception provides us with the 24/7 illusion that there is such a thing as perfection, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

People aren’t perfect. Looks aren’t perfect. That piece of work you’re reluctant to share will never be perfect either.

Action will give you the answer and the answer will let you know the next step in what you need to do.

Research and development is important but you’ll learn more from starting and doing than you ever will from thinking about doing.

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