Thoughts are human.

I tweeted this out today:

The thought was inspired by a newsletter I read by David Hieatt

(If you haven’t subscribed to his newsletter I highly recommend you do).

Anyway, it got me thinking.

In my line of work especially, we’re constantly up against automation.

Clients would rather save money, cut (people like me) out of their strategy and use an automated system to (try) and do what I do.

People are creating apps that will “design” for you. Websites that “need no code”. The list is endless.

All these are innovative creations, however they come with limitations. It’s the nature of the beast.

They also take from the humans who used to do what the automations now try to replicate.

The designers, the coders and the creators who add a human touch into what you’re paying them for.

Automated devices can’t do that, and I’m pretty confident will never be able to do that either.

Thoughts are human, humans make up culture and culture has been around long before we were born and it still will be, long after we’re gone.

It changes, but it’s always there.

Value in this short post:

  1. Don’t neglect the human thoughts that go into what you publish and ship – this is what creates connection (especially for your brand).
  2. Culture will always be around, it’s just down to the people who participate in the culture to do a good job of contributing to it correctly.