You’ll get it eventually

It’s a picture Mike Skinner put on his blog a few years back, when he was going through his photography phase and he bought a Red camera.

The picture of a neon sign saying the words ‘you’ll get it eventually’.

What a thing of beauty. I instantly fell in love with it.

Which brings me onto trends.

Trends start when people begin to understand.

Everyone wants to be a trend setter, but when people begin to understand, the trend setter then has a hurd of sheep following them.

So, the question is, once the trend grows in popularity, does the initial idea begin to decline in value?

In fashion, apart from the occassional timeless piece, trends are constantly evolving, and what was once considered fashionable then becomes a redundant concept quite quickly.

Popularity makes trends while at the same time killing them too.

Value in this post:

If you find yourself in a position where you’re saying “You’ll get it eventually.”… maybe you’re onto a good thing.

However, once the trend becomes popular, it’s time to evolve and move forward before it becomes redundant.