You’re only as strong as your network.

I like to keep my circle small. My nearest and dearest are in a very small circle. I can count the ones I consider ‘my group’ on one hand.

I have a big family, but again – we remain small, and close. That’s important.

But you are only as strong as your network. I wonder if that means a strong small network or a wider but less robust network?

I feel I know lots of people, and I find myself very fortunate to know so many people from all walks and aspects of life… but are they in the small circle? – No.

I guess what I’m trying to work out in my head is, is keeping your circle small a good thing?

Does your level of opportunity and success stem from your ability, your network or a collaboration of them both?

Unfortunately doing good work solely will only take you so far. The fact that it will take you to all heights is a romantic concept that the real world will quickly stop and humble you with. It isn’t fair, but the world has never been fair.

Just a thought, communicated through the keys of a keyboard.