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My pictures are unrelated

The pictures on my blog are unrelated to the posts.

Each post written is accompanied by a photograph that I’ve taken, but it almost never has anything to do with the content of what I’ve written.


  1. I didn’t want a blog filled with stock pictures lifted from the web, (I think they’re cheesy)
  2. There’s no structure to what is written on this blog other than what’s on my mind that day. I don’t have relevant pictures for each thought, so I just use pictures I already have.
  3. Since this is my blog, it only seems right to give a glimpse of what I see on a regular basis through the pictures I take.
  4. It gives me an excuse to take more pictures.

Anyway, today’s bit of post value – If you want to do something, find any excuse possible to do it and put yourself in a position where you’re forced to do it and get it done.

Once you’ve done that, the next challenge is to stay consistent with it, but don’t worry about that until you’ve completed part one of the challenge.

Tomorrow I’ll take a new photograph to be used irrelevantly in a future post.